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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Thank You for 2014

Thank you.

2014 was an excellent year for Labour Pains. Being named “Best Employment Law Blog in Canada” by The Canadian Law Blog Awards a.k.a. the “Clawbies” was an unexpected and somewhat surprising development. All I can say to that is Wow! Thank you!

Labour Pains was started in April 2012 as “The Law Blog for the Suddenly Unemployed.” Since then the blog has grown and changed to become “Labour Pains” partially in recognition of the fact that this blog attempts to speak to both employers and employees.

For those who like statistics, here are a few numbers:

  • In 2012* this blog saw 4,135 users who viewed 12,904 pageviews.
  • In 2013 that figure grew to 25,663 users and 53,217 pageviews.
  • Last year the numbers increased again to 36,259 users and 67,965 pageviews.

(*2012 figures represent only June 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012. Figures according to Google Analytics.)

The second reason this blog was renamed “Labour Pains” was in recognition of the number of readers this blog attracts on the issue of being fired after maternity leave. After this blog’s page concerning What is Wrongful Dismissal?, the most popular post on this blog is Fired After Maternity Leave. The post Pregnant Employees are Entitled to Greater Notice of Dismissal takes the fifth place spot overall.

As the numbers demonstrate this blog has continued to grow and succeed. I have appreciated a great deal of success as a result, for which I am incredibly thankful.

So, to all those who have supported this blog, and me, over the past two and three-quarters years, thank you. May your 2015 be free from any labour pains.

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