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Thursday 27 July 2023

The Test for Reprisal Under Section 50 of OHSA

If you have been terminated after raising health and safety concerns to your employer, you may feel that your termination was a reprisal.

You may also consider bringing a complaint to the Ontario Labour Relations Board, but how will the Board decide your case? When and how does a termination become a reprisal under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act?

A guest post by Henry Bertoia


Saturday 21 September 2013

Hard Times: Economic Downturn, Judicial Discretion and the Duty to Mitigate

A few weeks ago this blog afforded an opportunity to an individual looking for work in employment law to write a guest blog post. Perhaps not surprisingly, following that post I was contacted by others in a similar situation looking to be afforded a similar opportunity.

This blog and, more to the point, Sean Bawden, are humbled by the success of this blog and by the request from others to write guest posts for it. Having given the issue some thought, the blog will continue to post articles by those looking for work in the employment law field in Ontario - provided that the posts meet certain quality standards. Whether those posts move to a separate page is an issue that will have to be considered; for now, they will appear on the main page.

What follows, then, is a post written by Paul Willetts on the subject of the duty to mitigate in today's economy. Commentary by this blog will follow and any comments by this blog are added in square brackets.

Saturday 24 August 2013

Like a Boss: the Managerial Exception to Overtime Pay under the Ontario Employment Standards Act

A short while ago, someone who follows me on Twitter reached out to me looking to ask me questions about practising employment law in Ottawa. Having a rough idea of who this individual was, I agreed to meet him to discuss the market and opportunities that might exist. I was impressed not only by his initiative to reach out to me but by his accomplishments while articling. Accordingly, I advised him that if he took the further initiative to write a guest post for this blog I would post it. Mr. Daniel Pinsky upheld his end of the bargain, so, in upholding my end, below one will find his post, which he titled Like a Boss: the Managerial Exception to Overtime Pay under The Ontario Employment Standards Act.