Sunday 15 April 2012

Are Older Employees Entitled to More Severance?

Are older employees entitled to more severance?

While it is often repeated by Ontario employment lawyers that the ‘rough upper limit’ for notice periods is 24 months, baring “exceptional circumstances” (see e.g. Lowndes v. Summit Ford Sales Limited, 2011 ONCA 469), the case of Hussain v. Suzuki (2011), 209 A.C.W.S. (3d) 101 (ON SC) demonstrates that the employee’s advanced age can qualify as “exceptional circumstances” warranting a greater amount of reasonable notice.


The plaintiff employee, Mr. Hussain was nearly 65 years old at the time of his termination. He had almost 36 years of service with Suzuki and had no inkling that he was to be fired. His last position held with Suzuki was Assistant Warehouse Supervisor; a supervisory position. He was responsible for supervising 11 people. It was agreed that Mr. Hussain’s job was a very important and valuable job.


In awarding the plaintiff 25.5 months of reasonable notice, the Honourable Justice Lois Roberts (who now sits on the Court of Appeal for Ontario) made the following comments:

At 65 years of age, it cannot be seriously debated that the plaintiff is in the twilight if not at the end of his working years and that, because of his age, his chances of employment in a similar or even a related industry are remote.


The Hussain case highlights the peril of terminating older employees. It should be well observed that it is often much more difficult for these workers to find new work and, therefore their notice periods need to be greatly increased over that of younger workers.

Takeaways for Employees with Labour Pains

The takeaway for employees with labour pains is that you may be entitled to substantially more notice of the termination of your employment than you may think, especially if you are older in age and have worked for the same employer for a considerable period of time.

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Takeaways for Employers with Labour Pains

Employers should know that they have options by which they can terminate an employee’s employment. In this case, the employer had failed to provide the employee with sufficient notice of the termination of his employment and was therefore sued for wrongful dismissal. The employer may have been able to avoid the situation had it done some things different.

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